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Choice Cake Decorating!
Choice Cake Decorating!

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About us About Choice Cakes
  Choice Cakes specialises in wedding cakes and other special occasion cakes, cake decorations and cake decorating supplies.
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Gallery Cakes, fruit cake, mud cake, cake decorations
  Our range includes a variety of fuit cake, mud cake, butter cake and much more. We can create custom decorations to suit your requirements.
  Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes
  Engagement Cakes Engagement Cakes
  Anniversary Cakes Anniversary Cakes
  Christening Cakes Christening Cakes
  General Birthday Cakes General Birthday Cakes
  18th and 21st Birthday Cakes 18th and 21st Birthday Cakes
  Childrens Birthday Cakes Childrens Birthday Cakes
  Novelty Cakes Novelty Cakes
Courses Cake Decorating Courses
  Our popular cake decorating workshops provide a wide range of techniques in short intesnive sessions, focusing on specific elements of decoration
  Beginner Cake Decorating Course Classes
  Level 2 Cake Decorating Level 2 Cake Decorating
  Giant Cupcake Workshop Giant Cupcake Workshop
  Chocolate Cake Workshop Chocolate Cake Workshop
Tin Hire Cake Tin Hire
  cake tin hire
novelty cake tins
  Cake Tins Available for Hire Cake Tins, Novelty Tins, Available for Hire
  Cake tins and novelty tins available for hire. Check out our list of standard cake tins and novelty tins available for you ti hire.
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