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At Choice Cakes we make your wedding cake dreams a reality. Our dedicated team will create an individually designed and crafted wedding cake that is the centrepiece for your special day.

Our friendly consultants ensure the planning of your wedding cake is one which will be an experience that is stress free, fun and enjoyable in order to produce the perfect wedding cake for you.

We also offer Free peace of mind delivery of your wedding cake in the Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges.
1. Wedding Cakes Melbourne (Bernice) 2. Wedding Cakes Melbourne (Brittany) 3. Wedding Cakes Melbourne (Cherie) 4. Wedding Cakes Melbourne (Country Blooms)
5. Wedding Cakes Melbourne (Debbie) 6. Wedding Cakes Melbourne (Gabby) 7. Wedding Cakes Melbourne (Jennifer) 8. Wedding Cakes Melbourne (Katrina)
9. Wedding Cake (Kylie) 10. Wedding Cake (Leanne) 11. Wedding Cake (Lisa) 12. Wedding Cake (Love)
13. Wedding Cake (Megan) 14. Wedding Cake (Melanie) 15. Wedding Cake (Melissa) 16. Wedding Cake (Sarah)
17. Cakes Melbourne (Sheryl) 18. Cakes Melbourne (Simone) 19. Cakes Melbourne (Susan) 20. Cakes Melbourne (Tracey)
21. Cakes Melbourne (Abby) 22. Cakes Melbourne (Angela) 23. Cakes Melbourne (Carmel) 24. Cakes Melbourne (Christel)
25. Wedding Cake (Danielle) 26. Wedding Cake (Jewel) 27. Wedding Cake (Joanne) 28. Wedding Cake (Jordana)
29. Wedding Cake (Laura) 30. Wedding Cake (Lily) 31. Wedding Cake (Maria) 32. Wedding Cake (Nikki)
33. Cake Design (Rebecca) 34.  Cake Design (Rosemary) 35.  Cake Design (Tara) 36.  Cake Design (Alicia)
37.  Cake Design (Katherine) 38.  Cake Design (Tamara) 39.  Cake Design (Veronica) 40.  Cake Design (Lucy)
41.Cake Makers Melbourne (Amanda) 42. Cake Makers Melbourne (Rachael) 43. Cake Makers Melbourne (Kelly) 44. Cake Makers Melbourne (Cherry)
45. Cake Makers Melbourne (Shelley) 46. Cake Makers Melbourne (Leah) 47. Cake Makers Melbourne (Nicole) 48. Cake Makers Melbourne (Victoria)
49. Modern Wedding Cakes (Kara) 50. Modern Wedding Cakes (Chantal) 51. Modern Wedding Cakes (Linda) 52. Modern Wedding Cakes (Ying)
53. Modern Wedding Cakes (Landy) 54. Modern Wedding Cakes (Elegant Lace) 55. Modern Wedding Cakes (Orchids Delight) 56. Modern Wedding Cakes (Roselyn)
57. Wedding Cake Designs (Ocean) 58. Wedding Cake Designs (Purple) 59. Wedding Cake Designs (Peachy Keen) 60. Wedding Cake Designs (Ava)

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