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My Pastry Mate

My Pastry Mate is the only 100% food safe pastry mat on the market. The best pastry mat for all your pastry, baking & cake decoration needs.

Professional Turntables


Modelling Tools


Adjustable Height Rolling Pin - Sprinks


Floral Wire and Tape


10 inch Ganache Scraper - Clear Acrylic


Loyal Flower Lifter

The LOYAL Flower Lifter is perfect for lifting and placing icing and buttercream flowers which have a base onto a cake or surface without damage.

Craft Knife and Insertion Blade


Loyal Fondant Smoother

This LOYAL fondant and icing smoother is an essential tool for shaping or smoothing rolled out fondant icing on your cakes. Perfect for the tops, sides and even edges of your cake. Food safety grade plastic and easy to clean.

Cake Popsicle Mould


Cake Popsiclde Sticks (pack 50)


Loyal No.7 Flower Nail


Loyal No.14 Flower Nail


Spatula Straight 10cm


Spatula Straight 15cm


Spatula Straight 20cm


Small Silicone Scraper - SPRINKS


Large Silicone Batter Spatula - SPRINKS


Spatula Angled 10cm


Spatula Angled 15cm


Spatula Angled 20cm


Spatula Angled and Pointed


Spatula Mini


COLONIAL Buttercream Comb 10 inch


CURVES Buttercream Comb 10 inch


PLEATS Buttercream Comb 10 inch


THICK STRIPES Buttercream Comb 10 inch


THIN STRIPES Buttercream Comb 10 inch


Strip Cutters - Caking It Up

(50 items) 2 pages

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