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Over The Top Edible Silver Leaf

23ct silver leaf. Includes 5 sheets of 95mm x 95mm

Product details

Size: Each sheet is Approx. 8cm x 8cm.

Includes 10x Sheets of Silver Leaf per envelope package.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Make sure that your fondant covered cake is free of any powdered sugar or cornstarch before you begin. 2. Using a food safe paintbrush and a little water or piping gel, wet the surface of your cake to slightly moisten the fondant. 3.Carefully lift your gold/silver leaf by holding the top corners and gently lay it over and press it onto your water painted surface. The water will keep the edible leaf adhered to the fondant.

NOTE: Using a transfer sheet it will create a smoother finish. 4.Once your gold/silver leaf has been placed and attached you need to smooth it down. To smooth, gently and very lightly brush your leaf/transfer sheet with a high quality make-up brush, something soft, large and rounded. When using transfer sheets, you simply need to smooth over the top of the transfer/backing sheet which will, in turn, smooth down the leaf.

STORAGE & HANDLING BEFORE OPENING: Store in a dark place between18-28 degrees celcius

STORAGE & HANDLING AFTER OPENING: Carefully cover any unused leaves in cling wrap and store in an airtight container in a dark place between18-28 degrees celcius.

Product WILL NOT maintain it's quality if exposed to air, light or humidity.

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