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Cake Craft - Isomalt Nibs 250g

Isolmalt is a sugar-free candy used for sugar sculptures that resists crystallization. These precooked Isomalt Nibs by Cake Craft lets you easily create beautiful isomalt gems, accents & more without the hassle of working with traditional isomalt.

Cake Craft Edible 24K Gold Leaf

24K gold leaf. Includes 5 sheets of 95mm x 95mm

Edible Silver Leaf

23ct silver leaf. Includes 5 sheets of 95mm x 95mm

Flower and Leaf Glaze 25ml


Flower and Leaf Glaze 1 Litre


Sugar Flower Glue 25ml


Rice Paper

12 sheets per pack Size of sheets are approximately 25cm x 15cm

Gelatine Sheets - Gold Strength

10 sheets
(8 items) 1 page

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